MR2 sales figures

Mark 1 and Mark 2:

Mark 2 in slightly more detail:

Graphs produced with gnuplot from figures taken from Michael Canny's page.

Note these represent official new sales only. In terms of MR2s on the road, the figures for the United Kingdom should be adjusted upwards somewhat. I would guess about a third of the MR2s on the road in the United Kingdom are imports from Japan, and this proportion will rise in future (The Japanese allegedly don't like cars much over 5 years old, so they trickle over to other Right Hand Drive countries especially the U.K. where car prices were high).

If you take into account the U.K.'s miniscule size and population compared with the U.S., popularity of the MR2 in the U.K. is second only to Japan, where the cars were made. Thats despite the fact the U.K. was only officially given the wimpy 175 horsepower non-turboed versions, and the mark 2 was always given a bad write up in the U.K. motoring press.