Japanese MR2 turbo information: trivia

OEM brands / contractors

abs speed sensorsaisin
air filterdenso
brake master cylinderaisin
brake p and b valveaisin
front brake calipersaisin
rear brake calipersake ?
front brake padsaisin
rear brake padsnbk
drive beltsmitsuboshi
drive shaft gatorstoyo
engine mountstoyo
fuel filterdenso
ignition leadsyazaki
front turn and side lightskoito
oil filterdenso
oil pumpaisin
radiator capdenso
seat beltsnsk ltd
steering rackkoyo
steering rack gatorskoyo

MR2 turbo

Strictly speaking, the car isn't officially called an MR2 turbo (the Japanese cars at least). The cars are called 'MR2 GT' or 'MR2 GT-S' (note the dash in GT-S, theres no such thing as an MR2 GTS either ;-) ). The Toyota EPC refers to the car as a GT or a GT-S and will tend to say '3S-GTE' and not 'turbo'. Everyone else in the UK calls the car an MR2 turbo though, partly because the UK 3S-GE engined car is commonly known as the MR2 GT (though some UK cars were badged GTi on the boot), so calling your turboed car an MR2 GT when ordering pattern parts is not usually a good idea. On insurance proposal forms I use 'MR2 GT (turbo)'.

Price when new

I found this table attached to a 1998 Japanese MR2 brochure; it probably lists the price in Yen in 1998 of the different models:

table of prices


Often owners may find 'JASMA' stamped on an aftermarket exhaust that was on their car when they bought it. JASMA is not a exhaust manufacturer, its some sort of organisation that certifies exhausts meet noise standards etc. It stands for Japanese Automobile Sports Muffler Association.


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